Education and Workforce Training

As a member of the Education Committee Mike worked tirelessly to address and successfully appease The Mcleary court decision to require ample funding of education in our state. There is still more work to be done!  I believe that all education funding should provide students with additional opportunists and develop clear and rigorous academic standards.

Students and teachers in the 12 district should have the resources they need to succeed, but we need to make sure every penny we invest is making a difference and addressing the changing landscape of education. I believe we should continue to expand STEM programs and I admire the schools in our 12th district schools that are already focusing on this area of expansion.

I work for and support  increasing funding for the community colleges and career and technical programs in our district accompanied by clear expectations for student success.

I support creating additional opportunities for youth employment and training to encourage innovative work-based leaning strategists. The employers of our district need a skilled workforce.

I believe we have to carefully examine increases to the minimum wage. We need to work with small businesses to ensure we are finding solutions that are not about simply increasing the cost of living at all socio-economic levels, increasing the costs of goods sold and make hing employees in all industries more restrictive and less likely.