Sustainable Economic Growth

Small Business Support

12 district employers are creating jobs, increasing opportunity, and creating a sustainably economy. A vibrant private sector is the key to a sustainable economy. Small business already pay a majority of all taxes in the state. I understand the issues that face our small business community in the 12th district. Issues like health insurance options, over regulation, taxes, education and the importance of a skilled workforce are among many of the things that face small businesses in our four county area. Mike advocates for success in these areas as our Representative in Olympia and builds policy for a business environment that allow small business to work, employ and give back to our communities.


Healthcare is one of the most prominent rising costs for both small and large businesses today. Small employers struggle to continue to provide health care benefits to the employees they care about and value. All employers are struggles to stay on top of the constant changes and components of the Affordable Care act and our state creates new standards and criteria.

In many of our communities around the 12 district our health care systems are some of the largest employers. I continue to work with our health care systems, districts and providers to ensure they have the resources and support necessary to be successful. This includes work to improve the current health care structure in our state.


Freight mobility in the 12th district is essential to the success of the agricultural industry and commerce in general. I have worked to secure funding for the projects in our communities that matter most to the people of the 12th district.

I work with local and state agencies to prioritize and understand the transportation needs of the 12th district. In a 2014 study conducted by the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council over 57% of the respondents reported moderate to severe traffic congestion as a problem. I support reforms that reduces projects costs, and delays.

I also oppose implementing stricter fuel standards and other carbon pricing proposals that increase transportation and energy costs for the businesses in the 12 district.